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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In loco parentis

Sorry, faithful readers. Been away from the computer. Tan is almost perfect by now, as is slouchy south florida attitude.

Been out a bunch, went to the Palm Beach FF and saw the premiere of the film of a friend and work colleague. The film was great, the Chief liked it a bunch too. We’re looking good on producing this directors next film.

Also made some interesting friends at the festival, including a music supervisor/producer, a South American manager who wants to handle business for me on documentaries and industrials down there, and a young singer/actress who may be the most stunning woman I’ve met in years. She is absolutely a doll as well, such a sweet girl. Hopefully, signing her music contract with Atlantic records won’t ruin who she is as a person. Check out her website at I think she’ll make it. Hope she knows where she’s going. I am going to try to look out for her a bit- she’s moving to NYC.

Been out enjoying the food and “culture” down here as well. Was supposed to check out Bobby Moresco’s movie, Tenth and Wolf, tonite, but we never made it upto Boca Raton. Its OK, I’ll see it when its round NYC.

We have been getting some interesting developments on the family movie. We sent the trailer over to Lion’s Gate, we’ve been in negotiations with AOL and a major film festival to have opening nite, and we’ve been talking to several distribution companies about getting involved in a service deal, including Will Smith’s company. Its all talk, but its been very positive.

Anyway, going to Barbados tomorrow, and Im running out to dinner. See you all soon.






Thursday, April 20, 2006

Things going South?

Still reporting from Florida, faithful readers. Sun is strong, DB showed up and jumped in the ocean. Hit the Clevelander a few nites in a row, not too much to report on the beach.

Back on the home front…things heating up or cooling off with the family movie. Got some interest in, Ugh, television and video distribution. Not what Im looking for, after all this work. Apparently, while ppl find the movie to be of quality, because its so original, its difficult to project its potential value in theatrical release. Still shopping around though, so perhaps there will be better offers on the table. Our fearless director, though, not so happy with the response thus far.

Driving up to the Palm Beach FF today- a director whose next film I plan to produce has a film in the fest (which is why I am in South Florida) this week. Lunch with Chief, then up to a fest pre-party, then onto the screening. After party is at Mar-A-Lago, but Im not paying 250 to hang out with Donald Trump. If they comp us, then maybe. I’d like to meet his hairdresser.

Teach heads back Saturday, then its gonna be me and DB for the rest. Four days with DB. Rented an SUV to get around, I’ll probably spend a bunch more time with Chief before heading off to Barbados.

Gotta go warm up. Maybe more later.





Monday, April 17, 2006

Gettin lit up

(Writing a little drunk so pardon my spellin’)

So Saturday, Saturday. Head out to the beach with Tox and Teach. A nice hot friggin, sweaty day on the beach in Miami. How I avoided a serious sunburn with SPF 15, no clue. But I did, except for spots I somehow missed. My feet. Spots. Shoulders. Spots. Rest of me, not so bad.

Went to Mansion on Sat nite – the club on the beach. My bro Tox had the hookup for the VIP. Unfortunately she seems to have departed the club so we’re on line with the rest of the dudes, sans female company. I try dropping the name of a big NYC Club promoter friend of mine, some Euro dude at the rope looks over my head and tells me to wait on line.


And this is the Club, in South Beach, on Sat nite. Not looking good. So hatch a plan.

We need to find women unaccompanied – according to Tox – we pay their way, they come in with us so we’re not solo-flying. Every woman on line has gotten pulled in, with the guys they are with. Sure enough, two young women appear right behind us, we proposition them (no not that way) and we’re off, the bouncers pull the lot of us in.

Our two friends, the cute Kim, and her rather brutish friend (dunno her name) pal around with us rather than taking off. Must be my rakish charm. As if.

Place is very cool, two huge rooms with different music. Drinks flow. Feels like Vegas, only no gambling. Unlucky at cards,,,?

So then we’re all hanging, doing shots. Kim’s a little touchy feely. I’m feeling it back. We’re chatting, taking pictures with each other.

Then this string of convo…

Her: You know, you’re really touchy.

Me: Me? You’ve been all over me all nite.

Her: What? What are you talking about?

Me: You. You’ve been grabbing me all nite. You’re the touchy one.

Her: Not “touchy.” I said you’re really sexy.


Anyway, it was a good nite. She’s a very good kisser, great bod, lots of fun and nice girl to boot. Yum.

Sunday went with the Chief, a primary investor, to dinner up in Ft. Lauderdale. Tox and Teach came with. Amazing apartment on the beach in Lauderdale, views north and east, private elevator. Amazing place.

We run into a biz adversary at dinner, an old nemesis. Chief, cool as a cuke strolls over to say hi after this asshole buys us a bottle of wine and sends it over. Dinner is great, we head out before I have to say hello – grab cappuccinos on the beach before heading back.

A great nite- wake up refreshed today to head back to the beach. DB here in two days. Him and teach what a combo. Should be interesting – oil and water.





Sunday, April 16, 2006

Miami- So it goes (one day late)

So the first nite in Miami, after a bumpy and delayed flight. A ride by Tox (my bro) from the airport to the south beach apt., get there at like eleven, and now, the decision to go out or to stay in.

What do you think?

So Tox takes off and Teach and I hit the street. We try to decide whether to stay local in the Lincoln Rd area or head down to the more crowded South Beach center (around eighth street) and go out. Hard.

We dawdle for a while, trying to decide. I make an exec decision, and we head down town. We go to Senior Frogs (yes, I know, but its just a landmark, and I kept confusing it with Senior Swankys which has food (but isn’t on the beach, but is in Coconut grove). We head down Washington, past Auto Slims (empty). Past enormous lines outside Mansion (not good looking lines, either, kinda trashy). Get down to where we’re going, and Frog’s is empty. Totally. Not a person. And though I wanted to head over to Ocean Drive about as much as I wanted to sluice lime juice on a paper cut, where else are we going, casually dressed and down in that neck of the woods.

Mangos. Yes, Mangos.

Now if you don’t know Mangos, it’s a legendarily touristy place on Ocean Drives. Scantily clad girls dance salsa and shake their rumps, serve pricey drinks and surprisingly decent food. We ogle, they serve. Seems like a fair deal, though even after we ate there, we were still asked to pay a cover to enter the show after eating on the sidewalk, which we declined.

We headed over to this very cool and chill (SO UNMIAMI) little bar that had a hipster crowd. Sat outside, talking about whether we were the proverbial Old Guys. I think we might be, Teach thinks not. We’ll see by the end of the trip, and I guess, so will you.

Couple of departing observations…Miami got more blue collar than I remember. Maybe its because it is spring break. Also, I haven’t been down here in a year and a half, which is the longest time gap for me for years, cause Tox was living in the apt. with his wife. Also, they’ve finished a lot of the construction down here that seemed to be going on and on forever. The beach at least seems a lot more polished up, at the same time. Maybe that makes the blue collar thing stand out more.

Got a message from the ex. Italian American Princess, IAP. After like six months of not talking to her, a text message, some mysterious email that implicitly requires a response to learn what is meant. I think I will decline. Moving on is good.

Here I am, moving on.






Thursday, April 13, 2006

The daily mail...

Off to florida tomorrow. Its strange to be leaving town with so much hanging in the lurch. On the edge. With telecommunications the way they are these days, though, I can get bad news almost anywhere on the planet. Spin Spin Spin, baby spin.

Its my job. Its mostly my life. I'll deal, thanks for your concern.

Supposed to talk to these TV dudes tomorrow, get squared away what our deal is going to be. Busy day. Gotta put the motorcycle up for the three weeks I'll be gone (doncha worry Bitter, I'll post from Miami, and Barbados, we shall see, though that may be the most postable location, content-wise).

Bitter's in town with the kids. She had some kinda date last nite, Im sure she'll post on it herself. Guy's named Bradley, though, so just on a basic level, I have my doubts. Hehe.

Florida should be good. Lay in the sun, do some work, have a pina colada, snort some... just kidding. I don't really go there to party, after all i live in NYC. I don't need to party down there. Im sure we'll go go out some nites, but chillin is why i go to Miami. My friend Teach is coming with me though, and he likes to go balls out every nite. He'll whine if I don't do what he wants to do, but we'll find some spot. In the middle.

More on my side though.

Another friend, lets call him WarmUp, said we dont even have to talk anymore for him to know whats going on with me. He can just read the blog and see what I've been upto. I don't know if I entirely agree (after all he's among my closest friends) cuz I'm not telling you everything I tell him. At least I think Im not.

We shall see.

Made a counteroffer on the counteroffer on the academy award winning director for the holocaust pic. We're getting close. I can smell it. Should jumpstart the finances as well, especially with the agency repping the movie for american distribution. yeah i know, i know, heard that one before, with icm. but it is their director, so i think we'll be in better hands this time.

ciao (dunnowhy i keep saying that recently)






Wednesday, April 12, 2006


So its Degraw, not McGraw. Maybe Gavin McGraw was the relief pitcher for the Phillies. I guess i still dont know who he is.





A Bit Hungover - Drinkin with Gavin

So I met with some people last nite about developing a reality show pitch for television. We sit down, we have a drink, I wow them with my ideas, energy, contacts, yada yada yada. Then head across the street to this little italian restaurant for a few more drinks, to recap the meeting with my biz partner, Big J. Big J and I agree the meeting went well, we pass along our offer to the guy who put the meeting together, getting the right number, yada yada yoo.

Getting ready to go home, and get a call from the Pied Piper. A recent but frequent drinking buddy. He's going out to hear some live music with a friend, do i want to meet them. HMM. Maybe. Whats the music? Pied tells me I should come, gonna be fun. Bluesy rock. Oh, and by the way, Gavin McGraw is coming too. His brother is playing (a singer as well).

So I head down to this place on Bleeker and Sullivan (the fog in my brain today won't let me remember the name of it now, but Im sure I will after i post). The band shows up late, we're waiting and waiting.

A little background - I didnt really know who Gavin was or what he sings until fairly recently. Sure, I'd heard the name, but actually didnt know his songs until I ran across Jon Lovitz MySpace page, which had a great song on it, and I added the song to my MySpace page. Need you ask who the song is by? Well, of course, Gavin McGraw. Bitter told me that the song was the theme from One Tree Hill (i think that was the teen show its from- why she watches One Tree Hill at 41, I have no idea, but that's women for you).

So long story short (too late), Gavin shows up, does some boozing, waiting waiting waiting, and then he jumps on the mike when his bro starts singing that very song. Unbelievable voice. Wow. He definitely deserves his stardom. And a hell of a nice guy, taking pictures with everyone in the club, very cordial - which to me is something more impressive than even that great voice. He really seems to take an interest in everyone he meets.

So I stayed and left after the first set, somewhat drunk (lets say five or six drinks over the course of the nite? Maybe seven, i dont remember, not a ton but enough to feel it today). Got home pushing three. Thank god I dont have to be in the office too early as a movie producer.






Tuesday, April 11, 2006

People Behave, Thats What They Say When We're Together

So me and E. went to go see the Bettie Page movie today at a private screening for the national board of review. Movie is very well made, well acted, well produced, but there is this overall "too cool for school" thing going on, same thing I've seen in a bunch of films of this kind. Maybe its old fashioned, but there isnt anyone to really like. All the characters, as well portrayed as they are, come off as either stupid, or uptight, or perverted, or zealotly religious. And for me, that makes me feel like something in the movie is just missing. I don't connect. That said, the movie may do well, considering its about a flashy topic and it is getting a lot of press. Just one man's questionable taste.

One thing, though, Gretchen Mol is on fire. And she shows it all.

So Im on a date with E at the screening, and shes a very proper young lady (I think, at least she comes off that way). Child of Russian military bureaucrats, I think. Drop dead gorgeous, a model, but smart as a whip, and she knows how to make fun of me without it stinging too much. (Or maybe that's me).

So we're watching the movie, all this nudity, bondage, spanking, and I am actually getting a teensy bit embarassed. Me. Yes really. Who did you think I was talking about?

So what about that? Should I have been embarassed. I haven't seen E naked (yet?) but Im watching Gretchen prance around in her privates for half the movie. With some women, wouldn't bother me a bit? Somehow with E., I wasn't blushing or anything (after all, its a dark theatre) but I noticed myself paying attention to this naked woman on screen while she is sitting next to me. Some girls I can watch porn with, so what does this say about E and I? I have no clue, gonna have to FIGURE IT OUT.





Monday, April 10, 2006

Washing your dirty underwear in public...Or, Where's the maid?

Bitter said somethin' funny. She said for me not to steal her readers. I think she's joking, but of course, I think what I've written is pretty darn boring. Might be interesting to some people who know me for one simple reason. I don't tend to talk about myself that much, so this may actually be providing some (needed?) insight into my personality. What personality? Trust me, its there, you just gotta look.

This whole exercise for me seems kinda akin to keeping a diary. Like, if no one reads this crap Im punching down, at least I'll have some record of how I spent my day. Week. Year. Life. What life? Trust me, its there, you just gotta look.

Anyhow, Im not sure why people would want to read this, if they don't know me. I mean, obviously they are welcome to, cuz Im publicly posting it. Why would they want to see through the back of my head, into my brain. What brain...Cut it out.

I wonder how much I'll reveal about who I am. And I have this feeling that if I do reveal much about my identity, it may make me less willing to be candid about whats going on. Thats showbiz.

Like this evening, going for a motorcycle ride with a young writer who came by my office to "talk" about her project. Have we flirted before? Yes? Did we kiss? Only when drunk? Does her husband know? You have to ask him yourself.

OK, so not my most shining moment, but we were both drunk, and Im totally single. So its only half wrong, for me. For her, well, thats her problem.

Her project sounds pretty good actually. I think Bitter would like it.






Monday at the o-f-f-i-c-e

Sooooo. Monday at the office. Whats going on here anyway? monday is coffee day, know what I mean. A zillion phone calls, and its already six oclock. Miles to go, know what I mean.

So i got a distribution offer on the FAMILY movie. Lowball, shitty offer (though from a monster conglomerate), but the first offer. Its a damn good movie, and we'll get better offers, but its nice to have an offer in hand from a big company when you're pursuing other offers of distribution.

Worked on that movie the last year and a half. More. Very important to my career that it has a good life. Even more important to me personally. Made a lot of relationships (broke a few too) over this movie. Its one of the best things I've ever been involved with, and I have always been pretty successful. I worked on big deals as a lawyer at the oldest law firm in the country, for years. Couldn't remember even one of those deals, not the specifics. This is entirely different, its going to mean something to people, and ITS ALSO WHAT I LIKE TO DO.

Looks like the HOLOCAUST movie is moving forward too. Things have gotten very active on that one two- been almost two years of working towards getting that movie made there... a formerly big movie star attached to the project, provided his letter of intent (without paying him for it) and an Academy award winning director is about to come aboard. Cool.

In other festival stuff is moving forward. Gonna get real busy on that too.





Sunday, April 09, 2006

Last nite...

So it was a bit of a retort.

Went out last nite, came home this morning. How does that work.

Ended up at this party, which wasn't very good, but somehow spent the whole night there. Mostly guys, not too many attractive women. And we kept getting ready to leave, never quite made it out. Maybe shouldn't have started smoking pot. I never do that in public (well, almost). Makes me non-conversational, obnoxious and sleepy.

Of course, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about starting this blog, and Bitter's reaction. I got a comment from her this morning. Phone also rang a few times, but I was screening (and sleeping) so I didn't pick up. No message. Probably telemarketers anyway.

The Weinstein Co. people came on Friday to see a movie I produced at the Studio. Not their thing, at all. Not sure why I invited them, so not their flavor. Gonna have to be Lion's Gate or Sony, I think. Maybe Searchlight? Nah. Not their thing, either.

Getting ready to go to Florida and Barbados for three weeks or so. Getting out of the big apple for the first time since October, thats a long stretch for me. Oh, wait, thats not true, I was in LA for a week before the Oscars.

Im sort of trying to figure out how much of myself I am going to make public. Like, do I throw out details that avid researchers could use to figure out my identity. Do I just make my identity public on this. Or do I leave it all a mystery. Love to hear a comment or two on this...





Saturday, April 08, 2006

The first post.

Don't call it a comeback. Its not a retort. I am starting my own blog. Yes, me grumpy. Am I stealing her readers? I don't know, but someone has to stop the madness. Not me, I'll just be contributing to it, with hints of honestly along the way.

What am I talking about? This...i ended up here... how?

Anyway, this is my retort. Like therapy though, usually you start by talking about someone else, and end up talking about yourself (yes, I know, two years and a graduate by mutual decision- She actually said to me, "I think you've accomplished everything you came here to accomplish."

Can you say "Pyrrhic Victory." Close enough.

Anyway, so this sister of mine, lets call her Bitter. She likes the name, it fits, too. Like a shot of lime juice. Bitter, but not totally unpleasing. Some kind of positive quality too, at least when it follows a shot of tequila. Or three.

So I'll be blogging, and I'll be calling Bitter out on her occasional bullshit. She needs it, its good for her. Can't let her go marching down Denial Street, twirling that stupid baton. Oh, wait, thats some sort of weird pilates exercise. Obsess much?

In case anyone was wondering...
The meeting with National Lampoon went very well. We'll be joining up to conquer the online world of short film. Bitchin.
I am going to Barbados, but from Florida, and not after I get back.
Guilt is not the right way to get an uncle to see his nephews. I don't need to be guilted into it, I like them, and they are more fun to hang out with sometimes then Queen Bitter. No tequila necessary. Too bad I wont be here.

Thats it for this first post. Call it a shot over the bow, Bitter.

And bring it.