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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sinners and Saints

Its been a busy kinda week (well, the past seven days or so) for work. This down economy feels perilous for all of us, economically at least, and the word of friends losing jobs is spreading around.

I’ve been fairly busy though, and the producing stuff seems to be coming along. However, as I always say, making movies is a roller-coaster. Don’t get on. So while things appear to moving forward nicely on a few projects, some long-gestating, some new, I’ll believe it totally when we break escrow. Just the way things are and the way they work.

I’m liking the new apartment, that it’s a one minute walk to the gym, and that the kitchen is so much better than where we were before. I bought a gas grill last weekend, and we’ve already used it a few times. Being able to walk onto the terrace and use a grill is great, very happy about that too.

Wow, I sound like a happy person. So strange. Don’t worry, I’ll snap out of it.

Im heading down to Louisiana in a few weeks for Will Kaufman’s movie, Sinners and Saints. We locked up a few names for the last few roles, and I think this one is a winner. The director is super-talented, and the cast, many of whom came on for pennies (well, not literally), seem to recognize that. I’m looking forward to being on a set, something I haven’t had the chance to do since making 10:31 over the summer.

Here’s will’s reel. This is from a super-low budget “nights and weekends” movie made for pocket-chance (again, not literally, but very inexpensively – VERY VERY). If he can do this kind of work at that budget, i simply cannot wait to see what he can do on Sinners with a bigger budget and a talented cast.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Apartment

So i dont post as much as I used to. But I got a new place, and I do miss posting. So maybe with the new place in LA and the wireless internet that I just seemed to have figured out (needed to download airport extreme update to keep from getting disconnected every seven seconds, ugh), I will be inspired to share just a little bit more with the four people who read this (well, three plus me).

New place is working out fine, got the free direct TV in today, wireless is up. Dont have my new bed yet, but that comes tomorrow. Cannot wait. We still need a bunch of other furniture, Mike, Linda and I but we're getting there. Bought all the cooking/kitchen crap on sale over the weekend, should be here end of the week. Priorities remain a sofa, a bbq, and my bed, but thats just a matter of time.

Never have had my own bathroom before and its really nice. Big shower. Just wish water was a little warmer and pressure was a little better. But no complaints. I cannot believe this place is the same price (after factoring in free gym, internet and cable/direct TV). If only I knew, would have been out of the hovel last year sometime.

Gym is next door, so its a stroll over in three minutes. Plus I saw Andy Dick there yesterday, which means I guess I'll be staying out of the locker room.