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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am still roommateless as the month crawls to a close. No good.

That dude who said he'd do it backed out the next day, the skag. Waiting for some news tomorrow, and the current roomie is half out the door.

Hoping to find someone compatible in the next few days. Im trying to think positive thoughts. Of course, Im gonna have to live with this person.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Up and The Down

I have a headache, for hours. Not sure why. Accumulated dehydration, perhaps. Anyway, it hasnt gone away.

In other news, it seems I have found my next roommate for the new york apt. Seems like a great guy, laid back, will be a good fit.


Monday, July 21, 2008

A couple of production stills....

Tommy's Movie

I am fairly wasted after a three day marathon in the wilting heat of July. Tommy’s Boy (working title, likely to change) wrapped in Patterson, New York at 10:02PM Sunday night. Each of Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very hot, and we were outside much of the day each day (and sometimes in cars with no air conditioning).

I got back to New York very late last night, exhausted but somewhat elated. I think the film came out well. Got to get into the editing process now, so we can see exactly what we have.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

hell yeah, who watches the watchmen

Testing out the mobile Blogging thing. Not sure how this works.

Test mobile blogging

Tommy's Boy (working title).

One day away from shooting the short film I am producing, which is currently titled “Tommy’s Boy,” though given its similarity to the Chris Farley comedy, I am pretty sure we’re gonna change that. Just haven’t figured out what the new title is going to be.

We’re shooting all weekend, Friday through Sunday, and we’re all over New York, it feels like, from Astoria and Long Island City on Friday, then Poughkeepsie on Saturday at the Sheriff’s office (great locations) and then around Duchess and Putnam Counties on Sunday. We have a long schedule for each day, but we’ll get it done.

I’ll hopefully get some good pics that can be uploaded from the production by Monday AM. And in NY, its gonna be hot this weekend, so I hope craft service is bringing a slip’n’slide.


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Victor Garcia pointed this out to me. Cool...


I havent really been posting. OK. I havent been posting. Im in prep on a film. and when I haven't been prepping (its just a short film, hopefully a good one), I've been out of my apartment because they are removing all of the rebar from the outside of the building. With drills. All afternoon long. Every day. It sounds like they are drilling my skull.

Anyway, I've been hanging by the gym and the pool in my building to avoid the noise in the apt. Less computer and more blackberry time, and thats a lame excuse but I am going with it. Its also allowed me to get pretty tan (and somewhat reddish in my tax, as I usually am, at least at the end of a day of being in the sun).

Kinda like a less muscular and more sarcastic version of Hellboy.

Incidentally, go see Hellboy II. Its tons of fun, and visually fantastic. It even has a moral. Basically, its an example of a filmmaker at or near the top of his game.

Not Columbia's best move to let Uni take the sequal.