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Saturday, August 16, 2008


the Scorsese narrated documentary on Val Lewton, who began his career working for Grumpy namesake David O'Selnick. Definitely interesting stuff, and learned alot. But as an aside, here's another set of lost twins for you.

Karloff did a few movies with Lewton at RKO.

And then Abe Vigoda, Tessio in The Godfather and from Barney Miller.

Anyone else ever notice this.


What I am Watching

Searchers (John Ford)
Sunshine (Danny Boyle)
Atonement (Joe Wright)
Frontier(s) (Xavier Gens)
Ils (David Moreau)
Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg)
Irreversible (Gaspar Noe)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

This is hilarious. Worst Kids' Book Covers

Gut busting. Not kid friendly, duh (but this blog isnt exactly kid-friendly)

Good for a bunch of chuckles.

Friday, August 08, 2008

While riding motorcycle shot towards NYC skyline

OK. So not always the smartest thing, to snap a pic or two while moving at 60 mph on the LIE, riding one handed (yes, the one on the break).

It was way more dramatic coming over the last rise towards the Empire State and surrounds, around 800 or so, right as the sun set behind the city. This pic is half an mile down the hill, and doesnt hold a light candle.

Long way home.

Throgs Next Bridge from the Long Island Sound

Locking it up.

Valet Parking, City Island Style

Sailing to city island on Newman boat

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Repost from Diary of Why

One of the blogs i read is Diary of Why. Rachel, the proprietor of said blog, is quite the writer. This proves that. Enjoy.

Why my arms are empty but my mind is full
He sleeps too solidly, head ground into the pillow. In the glow of the streetlight his face is white, young and unrecognizable. We are polite and overly generous, a wide line drawn down the middle. An arm extended tentatively and then withdrawn. Sleep takes over and we are alone in it, dreaming of falling down on empty sidewalks. A solitary sleeper, I am a rock, I am an eye-land. I used to be like that, before, seperate in sleep, my body a stiff question mark. But that was before, long before, so long before that sometimes all I can remember is the after.

After the before we slept close, so tight together that no paper could fit between, no particle of light shine through. I woke and he woke. Roll over. Shhh. Roll over. Go to sleep. Wake, turn, shift, sleep, all night long, with never a space between. Airtight and happy, belly to back, nose to neck, every sigh a tickle, every flutter of lash a butterfly kiss. Our bodies a matched set, curved lines traced by a steady hand, two long parentheses. Comfort in this. In three years, how many hours did we spend like this? Twenty-five hundred, perhaps. Three thousand. Perhaps more. Never counting, our time not measured in hours and minutes, but in beats and breaths, in shared body heat, in risings and fallings and the slow and steady pressure of a hand on a back, on a leg, on an arm. Our sleep was as infinite as our future, as vast as the horizon unrolling before us, until we came to the end of the world, and leapt.

A year and a quarter later and I am still not a solitary sleeper. Tonight I am a shadowy figure in a strange bed, an unwilling apostrophe longing to be made a quotation mark.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Kind of interesting. From Russia with love is on. Robert Shaw's appearance in this movie as a villain is quite similar to that of Daniel Craig in the new bond movies. Like they could be related.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dark knight

I think I'm the last person under eighty to see the dark knight. Was trying to outlast crowds and its late Sunday night but there are still moviegoers here

More on Meat Train Baloney

From Nicki Finke, Deadline Hollywood Daily

With Lionsgate expanding and landing a $340 credit line, it's easy for the studio to forget about its fanbase. Or is it? As I reported previously, horror aficionados are furious that Lionsgate's Joe Drake is moving away from this genre of films in favor of more mainstream fare like Tyler Perry. (This month, Lionsgate signed hit factory Perry to a new 3-year first-look deal to distribute at least 3 more Perry films -- after releasing 5 Perry pics since 2005.) Well, this weekend Lionsgate officially dumped Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train. And not just into a tiny 102 theaters but humiliatingly into the dollar and second run theaters where it made $32,000 ($313 per screen). Now fans are worried Lionsgate will do the same to other films they're hotly anticipating, like Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Burrowers. All are ex-Lionsgate head Peter Block's films, so Drake has a vested interest in making Block's movies look bad at the box office. As one horror fan asked me, "The question is, why does Lionsgate want the movie to make less money than it would normally in limited theaters? Something seems off." The answer may well be studio politics.

Friday, August 01, 2008


Absolutely one of the most bizarre and brutal films I have scene in some time. What a weird take on the weird french/german rednecks out in the countryside. Hostel meets Texas chainsaw meets the boys from Brazil meets I don't even know.

More Midnight Meat

So what the fuck. I went online to see where Midnight Meat Train is playing near me. Wasn’t sure that I’d go see it tonight (especially b/c I haven’t even seen the fark knight yet).

Im sitting at home on Friday night watching the movie, Frontiers, by recommendation of Victor Garcia (same director as Them). And I went online b/c I wanted to see what was playing, and I remembered that Midnight Meat was out this weekend, even though there has been virtually no advertising for it.

And now I know why. Its not playing in any theaters in New York City. None. Zilch. Zippo. The closest theaters lists are in Rochester, NY (about five hours) and Pennsylvania (some town I never heard of). I mean, really, do they want to bury this movie that badly. Why even release it theatrically.

Here is the list of the ones closest to me (I don’t know how many screens its on total, this is a partial list).

* Cinemark Movies 10 (Rochester,NY)
* Carmike Maxi-Saver 12 (West Mifflin,PA)
* Millcreek Cinema 6 (Erie,PA)
* Cinemark Movies 8 (Youngstown,OH)
* Cinemark Movies 10 (Lynchburg,VA)
* Cinemark Movies 10 (North Canton,OH)
* Cinemark Willoughby Hills Movies 10 (Wickliffe,OH)
* Carmike Blue Ridge 14 (Raleigh,NC)
* Cinema 10 (Mansfield,OH)
* Carmike 8 (High Point,NC)
* Omni Cinemas 8 (Fayetteville,NC)
* Silver Cinemas - Macomb Mall (Roseville,MI)
* Cinemark Movie 12 (Columbus,OH)
* Cinemark Movies 16 Warren (Warren,MI)
* Cinemark Movies 10 (Matthews,NC)
* Danbarry Dollar Saver Huber Hgts. (Huber Heights,OH)
* Danbarry Dollar Saver S. Dayton (Dayton,OH)
* Danbarry Dollar Saver Cinemas W. Hills (Cincinnati,OH)
* Kerasotes Richmond Cinema 10 (Richmond,IN)
* Danbarry Cinemas Turfway (Florence,KY)
* Carmike 10 Lexington (Lexington,KY)
* Coventry 13 (Fort Wayne,IN)
* Washington Market Movies 8 (Indianapolis,IN)
* Cinemark University Park 6 (Mishawaka,IN)
* Carmike Movies 7 (Knoxville,TN)

There was a fanboy push after the trailer was released to get this movie more widely distributed. Apparently that didn’t work. There is also some discussion of a political intrigue which affected the release pattern of this film, the concern being that it could beat another film that a new executive produced and is having released, from before he was, um, a new executive? Yeah, I know, who cares. But it made sense when I heard it.

I guess I will watch Frontiers.