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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Airplane Bloggin’: Headed to Mardi Gras

Its been blast from the past week. I got a message from the ether from Henry, a high school friend who I probably haven’t heard from in fifteen years, more or less. The joys of facebook.

And I am currently on yet another airplane headed from Atlanta to New Orleans (indirectly, coming from LA). I’ll be seeing Big Dave, little Dave , and Rob, all three friends with whom I spent the majority of my summers from later high school into college. They are all east coasters, and I haven’t seen Rob in a long time (Prolly last at someone’s wedding). Big Dave I’d see sporadically when he’d be in NYC on business (he lives in Arlington VA and works in DC). Lil Dave, when I was in NY, I’d meet for dinner from time to timr. But all three at once, at Mardi gras, in New Orleans, which is gonna be crazy because the Aints (no more) are in the Super Bowl. Should be fairly wild.

Some challenges.

I went to Mardi Gras with the Daves before. I don’t recall if Rob was with us. I know some others were. I’ve also been with my friend Stave and other law school guys. What I’d say about the trip with the Daves is that is was rather calm and maybe a bit dull compared to the trup with Steve. That was rape, pillage, debauchery. As God intended on Bourbon St. this time of year.

We’re all quite a bit older, they are all married (though I am not) and so belt size, grey hair and energy levels will be working against us. I hope that we all (me included) can muster enough energy to make this weekend something that, while worth talking about, should only be discussed in hushed voices. We’ll see, and I’ll do my best as a ringleader. I already suggested that we have a weekend-long dirty old man contest, and I think setting such goals is a good way to make these guys aspire to a higher result. (:

Incidentally, when I booked my ticket to go, I didn’t really I was booking my return on Superbowl Sunday. I think I’ll be flying while the second half is on, as I don’t land in LA until like 730PM. Its OK, I don’t really care much who wins the game (I like both QBs and that’s enough for me), but I wonder how full the flight back will be. It’s a direct, which was probably only available because….weell, what nut flies during the Superbowl.

This one, clearly.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Let you know how it went on the way back.